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Our silver membership is designed for users who already know the basics of cryptocurrency trading but may not have the time to keep up with daily market movements.



  • Eight Educational Trade Ideas
  • Beginners Educational Content
  • General Market Updates
  • Daily Market News Insights
  • Monthly Q&A

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Educational Content
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  • Educational Trade Ideas

    We offer you full insight into our team’s trading strategies through our educational trade ideas. The background and strategic thinking behind each setup is elucidated across diverse useful areas including: stop loss, targets, entry zones, and many more, all of which you can use to hone your cryptocurrency trading skills.

  • Beginners Educational Content

    Our vision is to help investors better grasp the fundamentals of trading. To this end we have tailored our educational content to the needs of novices and beginners. All our content is easy to understand and covers all the essential knowledge needed to begin slaying the markets.

  • General Market Updates

    Our team provides in-depth updates on Bitcoin and alt-coin price movements several times a week. These analyses provide a technical overview enabling you to predict market developments and adjust your trading accordingly.

  • Daily Market News and Insights

    Thanks to our daily updates, you will never spend another day in the dark on the trajectories of both cryptocurrency and traditional markets

  • Weekly Newsletter

    We provide a weekly newsletter service guaranteeing you a full recap of weekly happenings both within and without Eight.

  • Monthly Q&A

    Every month, the team of Eight will be doing a Q&A in which we answer all questions from our members.

What to expect

🤳 1. Welcome Email
Upon joining our platform as a silver member, you will receive an email with greetings and information enabling you to join our private Discord server.

🤙 2. Joining Discord
After the welcome email, you will receive a message from our customer service. They will be delighted to assist in your use of the platform.

🎤 3. Enjoy the content
Should you have questions regarding your silver membership or any of the content available to you, get in touch with our support team who will assist you on Discord or e-mail. You are always welcome to send us a direct message on Discord or an e-mail via the website.

👋 4. Full assistance of the team
Chats with different people from the team so you can learn more about who we are and how we work.

📮 5. Compounding Knowledge
The road to success in the markets is paved with compound knowledge and interest. Get a head start on your journey with our exclusive content.

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