Platinum membership

The platinum membership is for customers who want a tailored approach to the cryptocurrency markets. This membership includes two hours of coaching per month; personalized assistance for all market-related questions; and help in navigating your portfolio through the often-rough waves of the cryptocurrency markets. This package includes all benefits of the silver and gold memberships.



  • Silver & Gold membership included
  • Assistance portfolio strategies
  • 1-on-1 personalized sessions
  • 24-7 personalized assistance through Discord
  • Private channel for Platinum
  • Monthly Q&A

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  • Silver & Gold Membership Included

    The platinum membership includes all silver and gold membership benefits.

  • Portfolio assistance

    If you are seeking advice or assistance in building, adjusting, or developing your own portfolio, the personalized portfolio assistance offered to platinum members is right for you.

  • One-to-one sessions

    Our platinum members enjoy twice-monthly hourly coaching sessions. These sessions can be used to solidify your portfolio approach and investing strategies or to educate yourself through individualized theory and technical analysis lessons.

  • 24-7 personalized assistance through Discord

    Platinum members can reach out to in the Discord at any point of the day. The team is ready to answer your market or portfolio-related questions whenever you require.

  • Access to our private platinum Discord channel

    Platinum members have a separate discussion channel through which the team and other members can be reached. They also have access to the gold membership discussion channels.

  • Monthly Q&A

    Every month, the team of Eight will be doing a Q&A in which we answer all questions from our members.

What to expect

🤳 1. Welcome Email

Upon joining our platform as a silver member, you will receive an email with greetings and information enabling you to join our private Discord server.

🤙 2. Joining Discord
After the welcome email, you will receive a message from our customer service. They will be delighted to assist in your use of the platform.

🎤 3. Introductory consulting call
Your first consulting session is dedicated to meeting your personal account manager. Following this introduction, you’ll be asked a few questions regarding your current trading investment situation via a questionnaire. Once this questionnaire is filled out, the account manager has a better idea of your portfolio and goals. They can use this information to help you perfect your portfolio.

👋 4. Enjoy the content
Now that you are a full member of our platform, you have full use and enjoyment of our platinum-level content. We recommend that you read the membership information and watch the tutorials beforehand so that you can make the most of the content awaiting you.

📮 5. Scheduling
As you are enjoying the platinum section and content, your account manager will reach out to you to schedule the coaching sessions and to plan the focus and content of those sessions.

👋 6. 24/7 assistance of the account manager and team
Should you have questions regarding your platinum membership or any of the content available to you, get in touch with your account manager. In addition our support team is ready to assist you on Discord or e-mail. You are always welcome to send us a direct message on Discord or an e-mail via the website.

🎉7. Compounding knowledge!
The road to success in the markets is paved with compound knowledge and interest. Get a head start on your journey with our exclusive content.

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