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Our gold membership is targeted at individuals searching for general guidance, a community of like-minded traders, and educational content. This level of membership features more in-depth content on theoretical and macro-economic approaches to investing. In addition, the gold package includes all silver membership benefits.



  • All the benefits of the silver membership
  • Strategy Michaël
  • Fundamental & Macro Economic Reports
  • Weekly Educational Videos
  • Advanced Educational Content
  • 24/7 Assistance in the Community

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Educational Content
Michaël’s Strategy
In-Depth Analysis
One-to-one sessions
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  • Silver Membership Included

    Our gold membership includes all silver membership benefits.

  • Michaël’s strategies

    Gold members are privy to Michaël’s cryptocurrency trading and investing strategies, including but not limited to how to handle the volatility endemic to the cryptocurrency markets

  • Advanced Educational Content

    The gold membership includes advanced educational content for traders and investors. This advanced educational content provides you with additional tools to navigate the markets successfully.

  • Theoretical and macro-economic reports

    A deep-dive into cryptocurrency market theory through on-chain analysis of cryptocurrency markets, as well as insights into the operation of traditional markets and macro-economic trends. Benefit from our own analyses and research.

  • In-depth reviews of individual cryptocurrencies

    In-depth reviews of specific cryptocurrencies are provided. These weekly reports will also provide updates on various market segments including DeFi and the NFT markets.

  • Live sessions

    Access to live sessions in which hot topics are discussed by the team is included in this membership. Want to learn more about technical analysis? Would you like to know how to yield farm or set up specific trades? Then these live sessions are designed for you.

  • Weekly Educational Videos

    Expand your knowledge by joining our weekly updates. In these videos, the Eight team share their insights and experiences, allowing you to compound your knowledge and further your cryptocurrency journey.

  • All-round in-depth Market analysis

    Cryptocurrencies are just one type of market. Through our all-round market updates, you will gain insights into broader trends within commodity and equity markets.

  • Request Bot

    If you want to ask a specific question to the team or, for example, request a certain chart for your own trades, our request bot is there to channel your questions and requests to the team.

  • 24/7 Assistance in the Discord Chat

    Our gold membership includes access to several Discord discussion channels, in which you will be able to ask other group members and the team anything at any time.

What to expect

🤳 1. Welcome Email
Upon joining our platform as a gold member, you will receive an email with greetings and information enabling you to join our private Discord server.

🤙 2. Joining Discord
After the welcome email, you will receive a message from our customer service. They will be delighted to assist in your use of the platform.

🎤 3. Enjoy the content
Now that you are a full member of our platform, you have full use and enjoyment of our gold-level content. We recommend that you read the membership information and watch the tutorials beforehand so that you can make the most of the content awaiting you.

👋 4. Enjoy the community
Using your gold membership, you will be able to discuss the latest content and market movements with the rest of the members and the team. In addition, you will have access to further educational materials. The more you make use of the community, the more you will learn to navigate the markets on your own and compound your knowledge. 

📮 5. Full assistance of the team
Should you have questions regarding your gold membership or any of the content available to you, get in touch with our support team who will assist you on Discord or e-mail. You are always welcome to send us a direct message on Discord or an e-mail via the website.

🎉 6. Compounding Knowledge!
The road to success in the markets is paved with compound knowledge and interest. Get a head start on your journey with our exclusive content.

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