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Michaël van de Poppe - 11 October 2022

A new weekly outlook and inflation expectations seem to be falling further!

Welcome to a new week! This blog article gives you an overview of what to expect this week.


Weekly Outlook 

And on to this week, a heady one full of market movers, the summary: 

Potential Market Movers: 

  • PPI 

  • FOMC Meeting Minutes 

  • CPI (- Lagarde Speech) 


Key data points (non-market movers) 

  • UK GDP 

  • Unemployment claims 

  • BoE Quarterly Bulletin 

  • Retail Sales 

  • Consumer Sentiment

See the full image here: https://www.cryptocraft.com/

In a week when both the CPI, PPI and FOMC meeting minutes are announced, it is highly advisable to be cautious with all open and new trades. These, in addition to the FOMC itself, are the events that move the market. Hence we have also been moving around the same price for a very long time, everyone is waiting and anticipating the next data update. 

But, as you also know, these are not the most important data points, however, they are the data points that the market reacts to.

Both inflation seems to be moving further down.

and inflation expectations seem to be falling further, 

The commodity prices support this argument and even the energy market / natural gas continues to decline. The forecast is 8.1%, can we beat the forecast? That is this week's question. 

In our Trade Letter, we go more in-depth about what to expect every week and how to act. We also analyze more $coins to give you a clear overview of all the trade opportunities available. 

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